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Instructors and students collaborating in the PSU Knowledge ComonsShelly Aina, IT Manager for the Office of the Vice Provost for Educational Equity, has a passion for the environment and sustainability. Though new to Social Networking, Shelly readily used Yammer’s Groups to tailor her conversations for what mattered to her.

“I suggest that if people use Facebook, they can easily use Yammer.

“I was a bit overwhelmed when I first started to Yammer. I was new at social networking, started “following” everyone I knew, but “My Feed” turned into something that was just about impossible to sift through.”

“I stopped following most individuals, in favor of joining only groups. My Feed is now more manageable. If/when I want to see what more people are talking about, I click “All Company. Now that I’m more comfortable with managing Yammer traffic. I created a few groups, both public and private, to facilitate collaboration and to pool information.”

“For example, I created the Campus Sustainability Office group, added their staff, then made them all administrators. I also created a couple other “sustainability” groups: Ed. Equity – Green Team, Green IT, TerraCyclers, and ITSustains: Social Responsibility.”

“Collaborating in Yammer makes it easy for persons at different locations to share information and express ideas in real time. Every so often, I search all the groups to see if something new has been created. I love this tool!”

Bring People Closer

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As an Instructional Designer Bryan Ollendyke needs to keep in touch with people across his campus and across the university. Yammer brings teams together whether they are located a in the same building or on a different campus.

“Yammer’s opened up lines of communication otherwise impossible to have happen at a university of our scale. I don’t know what someone down the hall is doing let alone 2 or 3 miles away across campus. Yammer has enabled me to not only let others know what I’m working on but brought my colleagues closer together to make sure we aren’t reinventing the wheel when it comes to tackling IT problems.”

“It’s also been a great way of quickly seeing what others are working on or professional development links that were useful to others. It’s also been critical in assembling the community and we do most of our collaboration via yammer since so many people are on there.”

View Your Conversations; Discover Ideas

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As the Team Lead in AIS Web & Communication Services, Diane Weller needs to have her online conversations organized and easily accessible. Rather than referencing numerous email lists, Yammer keeps her conversations with colleagues easily accesible.

“Yammer is a wonderful tool to expand individual and institutional knowledge more efficiently than watching myriad disparate listservs. The ability to see in a single display all of my Yammer posts is helpful to the strategy, organization and cohesiveness of my conversations.”

Yammer also lets Diane see the recent conversations happening in her field, letting her find opportunities without having to subscribe to any particular mailing list.

“It has become useful for me for the discovery of people, ideas, work being done and opportunities at Penn State. ”

“Yammer is currently my choice for one-stop shopping.”

Expand Your Network

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Making and Maintaining connections is crucial in any line of work. David Passmore is Professor of Education in the Workforce Education and Development academic program at Penn State who uses Yammer extensively to grow his networks.

“Yammer is my path. I use Yammer to crowdsource questions I need to have answered quickly in my work.”

Since I joined the Yammer network, I have made almost 500 postings, and I have received approximately 175 replies that have helped me in my work. I also use Yammer for project management through 20 private Yammer groups, each of which focuses on specific projects with unique sets of team members.

In addition, I use Yammer groups for cooperation and collaboration among participants in all of the courses I teach. I even have an external Yammer group to help induct newly-admitted doctoral students, many of whom are international students, before they arrive on campus.”


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