First Time: Logging In and Setting Up an Account through WebAccess

This guide will help you quickly set up a Yammer at Penn State account, get started, and learn some of the basic features. If you have additional questions, Ask Yammer at Penn State.

1. Logging in to Yammer at Penn State

Whether you are a new user or already have a Yammer at Penn State account, to log in, visit Beneath the welcome message, click the Log In button, circled in red on the image below.

Screenshot of PennState's Lammer Login Screen with Log In Graphic Highlighted

2. WebAccess

After you follow step 1, you will reach the WebAccess screen, shown below. Enter your Penn State Access Account user ID (for example, xyz123) and password, then click Log In.

Screenshot of Penn State's WebAccess Page with UserID and Password Fields Indicated


If you have previously set up a Yammer account, you will be directed to Yammer with no further action required. If this is your first time accessing Yammer, proceed to step 3.

3. Yammer Profile Creation

Once you have followed step 2, if you do not currently have a Yammer profile, you will reach the Create Profile screen, shown below.


Screenshot of Yammer Profile Creation Screen



  1. Your Penn State email address should already be filled in.
  2. Enter your First Name (Required).
  3. Enter your Last Name (Required).
  4. Currently, you are also asked to choose a password. While this is a required step for your profile to be created, you will not need this password for future logins, since you will be accessing Yammer through WebAccess with your Penn State Access Account password. It is suggested you choose something you can remember for this field. Penn State is working with Yammer to have this extra step removed.
  5. Department Name and Job Title are optional fields.
  6. Check the box to accept the terms of the network’s usage policy (Required). The usage policy is viewable by clicking the words “usage policy.”
  7. Click Next.

4. Optional Profile Items

All of the following setup screens consist of optional items that you can choose to set up your Yammer profile. The following screen images are included here for completeness of the entire account setup process, but you can safely click Next for each item and skip through the entire process. You can access and configure all of these optional items later in your account settings.
Yammer Invitations: This screen allows you to send invitations to others with email addresses, inviting them to Yammer. Leave the fields blank and click Next.

Screenshot of Yammer Invitation Page

Join Yammer Groups: You will find the power of Yammer is in the groups you create and join. While the creation and joining of groups is strongly encouraged, this is best done once profile creation is complete. For now, click Next.

Screenshot of Suggested Yammer Groups for New Users to Join



Profile Photo: While profile photos are very useful in identifying yourself and others on the network, and you are encouraged to add one, it is not necessary to do so at this time. You can add a profile photo later in your account settings. Click Save & Continue.


Screenshot of Yammer signup page and option to upload a user photograph

Desktop and Mobile Apps: Yammer can be accessed through a web browser interface, which has the richest set of features, or through a desktop or mobile application. It is not necessary to download the desktop app at this time. You can download a desktop or mobile application at any time by clicking the Apps link in the menu at the upper right of any Yammer screen. For now, close this pop-up window by clicking the X in the upper right corner.


Screenshot of Yammer Popup Box indicating the availability of the Desktop Application

5. Welcome to Yammer

Congratulations! Your Yammer account is now set up and active. You can continue by completing your profile, by clicking the items indicated by the red circle labeled 1 in the image below, or by browsing the discussion groups available to you, by clicking Browse Groups, indicated by the red circle labeled 2.

Screenshot of the Main Yammer page with options for editing the user profile and finding groups highlighted

For your first group, the Yammer Users Group is suggested. Yammer users across Penn State use this group to share ideas on how to use Yammer, and also as a first point of contact to help orient new users.

Editing Your Account Information

Once you have logged in to the Yammer Penn State network, you can go back and edit your account information if necessary. You can do this by first clicking on the head icon in the upper right hand corner, and selecting the “Edit Account” option.

Screenshot of Yammer's Top Menu with options to go to My Profile, Edit Account, Help, and Sign Out

Once you are on the Edit Account screen, you will see various areas you can change – starting with the Basics. You would come here to change your profile picture any time you wish.

Screenshot of Yammer Edit Basics screen with areas to fill out your first name, last name, change your email, and add a profile photo

Updating your profile is a great way for people to learn more about you. As soon as you can, enter your Bio, Job Title and Department as well as other information you would like to share with others in the Penn State network that might be interested in learning more about you and what you do within the organization.

Screenshot of Yammer's Update Profile screen with options to fill out bio, job title, department, location, and significant other

Add information about your work, your personal life, anything you want people to read. There are also links for Social Media (like Facebook and LinkedIn) if you also use those.

You will notice that we skipped a few of the items on the navigation bar (Org Chart, Networks, My Applications, Notifications, Preferences) – but they really are not used in getting your account started. You can always come back to these areas and modify them as you become more comfortable using Yammer.

Understanding the My Feed View

The most basic feature that Yammer has to offer that we will cover first is your Feed. Your feed is an immediate overview of everything that is going on within the Penn State Network. People could be scheduling meetings, sharing links, or just asking questions. All of this information will be found under the “My Feed” section.

Screenshot of Yammer Activity Feed with sections dedicated to personal information, updates, groups, and an activity feed

It is important to comment on posts that you can contribute information to. The power of Yammer will be fully revealed when everyone is giving their input on everything that is going on. When you have a question, someone can help you answer it. It will take everyone using the Network to get it working the best it can.

Private Messages

Other than the Feed, another way to get information to people within the Network is by sending a Private Message. Private messages are messages only sent to you. Others may be copied on a message, very similar to e-mail, but none of this information will ever be shown on the Feed.

Screenshot of Yammer's Private Messages screen with recipient and message areas to fill out

You can set your preferences so that these messages will also go to your e-mail. That way, you will always know when someone is trying to get in touch with you on Yammer.

To send a private message to someone, you simply put their name in the “To:”
field, select them, and write your message. It’s that easy.

The last area to cover in this Getting Started Guide will be Groups. You can view the groups by clicking on the Groups Directory a couple of tabs down.


One of the most powerful features of Yammer is the ability to create and join groups. The Penn State Network currently has many public groups. To view the directory of all groups in the Penn State Yammer network, click on Groups in the left hand navigation panel. If you feel that you can benefit being a part of any of these groups, make sure to join them. You can do so by clicking the “+ Join” button next to the group description.

Screenshot of Yammer's Groups screen with the option to view all groups or my groups

Once you are joined into a group, you can see all of the Feed information within that group. It will show up right on your main Feed, and you can post to that group simply by selecting it.

We recommend that the first group you join is our Yammer Users Group. Navigate to this by clicking “Y” in the alphabetic navigation or type in “Yammer Users Group” in the search bar. The Yammer Users Group is intended for all users of Yammer, both new and experienced, to share tips, best practices as well as ask questions within the community.

Where to go for Help

If you have any additional questions, go to either of these areas:




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