• Making and Maintaining connections is crucial in any line of work. David Passmore is Professor of Education in the Workforce Education and Development academic program at Penn State who uses Yammer extensively to grow his networks.
  • Yammer is my path. I use Yammer to crowdsource questions I need to have answered quickly in my work.
  • Since I joined the psu.edu Yammer network, I have made almost 500 postings, and I have received approximately 175 replies that have helped me in my work. I also use Yammer for project management through 20 private Yammer groups, each of which focuses on specific projects with unique sets of team members.
  • In addition, I use Yammer groups for cooperation and collaboration among participants in all of the courses I teach. I even have an external Yammer group to help induct newly-admitted doctoral students, many of whom are international students, before they arrive on campus.

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